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Docker Tips And Best Practices

Curious about Docker? Eager to strengthen your skills with containers? In this blog-post, I’ll share five (5) tips, tricks, and...

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9 mins
Published on 11 February 2021

Troubleshooting the right way

In this blog-post, I will share a methodology for troubleshooting technical challenges. As a DevOps engineer, I face technical challenges...

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7 mins
Published on 25 January 2021

The importance of separated environments

TL;DR Separating environments (dev, stg, prd) per cloud-provider account (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) is preferred for having the minimum to...

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5 mins
Published on 20 January 2021

Boosting terminal productivity tips

In this blog post, I will share a few tips that will help you boost your productivity while working with...

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3 mins
Published on 18 January 2021